Railway Transportation


Despite the limitation in usage due to lack of the access roads and to remoteness of the rail stations, the rail transport is widely used for the material goods transportation, especially for organization of the international transportation and cargo transit. Stability and affordability of the railway transportation cost makes this type of transportation the most cost-effective.

Bei-Trans provides the high-level multifaceted freight forwarding services for transit and export-import cargos in railway transportation. We do our best to implement tenets of immediacy, high-level service, meeting our clients’ requirements, and securing cargo integrity in transportation process and transfer reloading.

Railway transportation services provided by Bei-Trans include:

  • Conclusion of a contract or an agreement upon freight forwarding of transit and export-import cargos, expeditionary service included;
  • Computerized order procedure from getting the request on transportation up to unloading;
  • Providing information about the locationof cargo, reloading time, reloading process and transferprocedures at the customs control stations;
  • Full control overtransportation process both on the territory of Ukraine and in other countries;
  • Consultationson the optimization of the railway transportation.

To achieve maximum efficiency of railway transportation, Bei-Trans offers:

  • Transportation of the cargo by the motor transport to the railway stations;
  • Organization of the cargo transfer reloading and storing it at the terminal;
  • Cargo insurance and providing survey or services.