Road Transportation


Trucking is the most flexible method of transportation which provides an opportunity to optimize transportation flow of an enterprise easily and to design transportation schedule according to the delivery terms which are crucial for the client. Special trucking procedure used by Bei-Trans Company enables particular consideration of the client’s needs and cargo specifications.

In the process of transportation we use:

  • Tented and tilt semitrailers with cargo capacity from 78 to 135 cubic meters (including road trains and jumbo trailers which optimize the usage of the semitrailer space and is best suited for transporting lightweight or large items);
  • Refrigerator semitrailers and thermal-insulated semitrailers enable keeping fixed or regulated temperature of the cargo;
  • Platforms for transportation of the oversize heavyweight cargo (including the low-bed trailers extending up to 30 meters with cargo capacity up to 100 tons);
  • Motor vehicles of smaller size which enables fast delivery of smaller items;
  • Additional loading and consolidated loading for smaller items allows decreasing transportation costs.

Beitrans has long-term contracts with a number of transportation companies in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Moldova, etc. directly to secure fulfillment of commitments taken in organization of efficient delivery.