Integrated transportation of cargoes by different types of transport is an effective way of separating the price quotation from external factors

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Multimodal transportation is a complicated system of cargo transportation that provides:

  • Cargoes transportation by different types of transport on the one transport document.
  • Reloading at transshipment points without the cargo owner.
  • Storing cargo at the customs bonded warehouse as required.


The efficiency of transportation depends on the quality of the process structuring and the experience of the freight forwarder. Our company boasts of many years of experience in organizing multimodal export-import and transit transportations using rail and road transport, as well as terminals in Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia.

When organizing multimodal transportations, we provide:

  • Door-to-door delivery.
  • Full responsibility for contract performance and cargo security during transshipment and warehousing.
  • Provision of ancillary services of repackaging, dismantling of articles, routing of delivery, cargo insurance.

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