The process of road transport arranging used by Bei-Trans company gives the opportunity to take into account the client needs and the particularities of the cargo being transported

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Road transport is the most adaptable method of transportation, which allows to carry cargoes from door to door and to analyze schedules of traffic circulation plan in accordance with the delivery periods required by the client. There are used in the process of transportation:

  • Tautliners with a stowage space of 82-100 cubic meters, as well as 120 cubic meters hitches, that help to optimize the use of the body space and is especially noticeable (convenient) when transporting the balloon and bulky cargoes.
  • Isothermal semi-trailers and refrigerators deliver a constant or controlled temperature during cargo transportation.
  • Platforms designed and built to transport the oversized heavy cargoes, including low-frame trailers with a loading capacity up to 100 tonnes, stretching up to 30 m.
  • Small motor transport with a loading capacity from 1 to 7 tonnes, which makes it possible to deliver quickly and effectively small stores.
  • The delivery of small cargoes arrangement using additional loading and consolidation makes it possible to reduce the cost of transportation process.

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