Bei-Trans Company provides a high level of complex freight forwarding services for intransit and export-import cargoes using carriage by rail

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Despite the restrictions on the use by customers as usual because of lack of access roads and the remoteness of the stations, railroad transport is widely used in the organization of long-distance material flows, especially in international traffic and in transit of cargoes through the territories of the states to optimize indemnity payments. The annual stability and accessibility of railway tariffs this type of transport one of the most efficient.

Our main priorities are the availability of the necessary wagon fleet, the development of particular tie-down schemes, ensuring its continuity during transportation and reloading operations.

Railway service provided by Bei-Trans includes:

  • Conclusion of long-term contracts and agreements on freight forwarding services for the transportation of transit and export-import cargoes with the provision of freight forwarding service.
  • Tracking of the cargo location, the time of its reloading and delivery to the border stations.
  • Control of the cargo transiting through the territory of Ukraine and other countries.
  • Consultations on optimization of the conditions for carriage of freight by railroad transport.

For comfortable use of railroad transport in the process of cargo transportation, Bei-Trans Company additionally offers:

  • Transportation of cargo by road to the railway station.
  • Cargo transshipment process arrangement and its storage at the terminal.
  • Insurance and survey agent services arrangement.

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